Life Members

Donated by Julie James

Margaret Crowe (1996)

Jackie Reynolds (1997)

Miranda Ronsevell (1998)
Susan Connolly (1999)
Linley Meekin (1999)(nee Mickle)
Susan Shields (2004)
Lesley Culluton (2004) (nee Decke)
Leanne Voss (2006)
Carissa Carroll (2012)
Nicole Curtin (2013)   
Janniel Harris (2016)

Kate Crowe (2016)


  • Member must have 10 years of active involvement in the club while living within this community.
  • Each nomination needs to include detailed information of nominee’s involvement in the club
  • Nominations will need to be approved by a sub-committee of active Life Members.
If you would like to nominate a member that meets the criteria, please complete the Life Membership Nomination Form